Calling 911

If you are having a medical emergency, call 911.


When you call for 9-1-1 you may be connected with a central dispatcher. They will ask you the following questions:

9-1-1, Do you require Police, Fire, or Ambulance?

  • If you request Ambulance the dispatcher will forward the line internally to the ambulance dispatch.
  • The ambulance call taker will then pick up and ask you the following questions:

For which city?

  • This question directs the second dispatcher to quickly mobilize the EMS or Fire response even before any specific information has been relayed.
  • This question allows for the fastest deployment of emergency services as both dispatchers are working together at this time.

What is the address of the emergency?

  • When the address is given to the dispatcher, it is confirmed on the ARIS II (CAD) System.
  • Advancing technologies are beginning to allow for some cell phones to be recognized on the CAD system.
  • Address information is then forwarded to the responding crews.

What is the phone number you are calling from?

  • This question is also verified by the CAD system and verbally verified to ensure accuracy.
  • This question is vitally important as it is the link between the caller and the 9-1-1 dispatcher, if communications were to be lost for any reason, the dispatcher will be able to call the number back and regain communications.

What is the problem, tell me what happened?

  • This question provides the dispatcher a “Chief Complaint”.
  • This will then steer the dispatcher through the Medical Priority Dispatch Determinants and many more specific questions can be asked.
  • The dispatcher relays the determinant to the responding crew for either a ‘Lights and Sirens’ or ‘Lower Priority’ response.
  • In times of crisis it is easy to be upset and anxious when calling 9-1-1. Clear communications and following the prompted questions accurately and quickly will ensure a speedy response to your location. The dispatchers will guide you, be patient, take a deep breath, and answer clearly…and your emergency will be dealt with in a professional and timely fashion.